Dungeon Dozen Fan Index


After Zak S. mentioned that the totally sweet Dungeon Dozen posts were not organized in any way besides by date and a few tags right after I started reading the archives from the beginning, I decided I could do a good deed and organize stuff as I go.  So, here it is.  It is currently up to date, and I plan to keep it so as new posts are added.  If I haven't for awhile, feel free to poke me.  

Posts are linked and organized by broad topic, as decided by what seems logical to me.  I've tried to avoid more than 2 tiers of organization, because I have a natural compulsion to categorize, sub-categorize, sub-sub-categorize, and so forth. The top tier categories are meant to refer to situations where you might want at the table, such as "the players are in this locale" or "something horrible should happen to the character here".  The sub categories are then facets of that.  There will be some inevitable cross-categorization, like putting the "Items Found on Dungeon Level X" in the Dungeon section rather than the item section.  To mitigate the risk of my potentially idiosyncratic organizational scheme, here's a link to the links in alphabetical order without categories.  You ought to be able to copy and paste to any format that recognizes hyperlinks (blogger, Word, google docs, et cetera), or do "View Source" to get the URL's.


Building the Dungeon



Search Results



Places and Dressing

In Town


Building the Underworld





Spells and Magical Effects


The Army of Evil

The Dragon
The Necromancer
The Necromancer's Ultimate Ambition
Re-Animation Projects of the Chaotic Necromancer

The Sorceror

Monsters and Weirdos

Gentle and Kindly Abominations
Gigantic Monsters
Gonzo Bio-Weaponry
Hell's Lesser Inhabitants
Instant Chimera
Less Lethal Forms of the Undead
Less Popular Undead
Newly Bred Henchmonsters and Utility Beasts
Phantasmal Irritants
Random Ooze
Recently Swallowed by the Mile Long Serpent
Unexpected Intrusions into the Standard Orc Lair
Vengeful Shades
Wandering Vampires
Weird Monster Attack Forms
What's Up with these Giant Rats?
Xenolinguistics: Means of Communication
Yeah, but the Gaze of THIS Cockatrice. . .
Yeah, but THESE Hellhounds. . .
Yeah, but THESE Zombies. . .
Yeah, but THIS Manticore. . .
Yeah, but THIS Mummy. . .
Yeah, but THIS Sea Serpent. . .
Yeah, but THIS Troll. . .
Yeah, but THIS Vampire. . .

Gods and Demigods

Treasure and Items

"We Search the Body"

Character Death, Injury, and Misfortune

Character Description and Background

Before First Level: Elves
Before First Level: Dwarves
Before First Level: Fighters
Before First Level: Magic Users
Before First Level: The Cleric
Before First Level: Thieves
Fighting Men: Why We Fight
Ill-Tidings from the Cleric's Patron Deity
The Gods Must be Jerks

Emergency Unusual Race/Class Generator
Gonzo Class/Race Additional
How to Spot an Elf in Mixed Company
Human Frailties
More Gonzo Class/Race Options
There are no Elves in this World
There are no Hobbits in this World
There aren't any Dwarfs Either
Why So Dour, Dwarf?

Other Stuff

The Barbarians Call it "Style"
How the Gang Got Together
Name that Barbarian!
NPC Features: Distinguishing Scars
Quick Cultural Quirks: Barbarians
Quick Cultural Quirks: Deep Forest People
Quick Cultural Quirks: Sophisticated Urbanites of Sword and Sorcery
So, Your Character is a JACKASS
Unfamiliar Familiars