Vornheiming Middenheim: The Final Product

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Middenheim Folder

So, here it is, the final Middenheim booklet. At least, as final as I'm planning on making it at this point. And only 5 months in the making! The good news is that I get to pretend I intended for it to be part of +Mike Evans 's "DIY Month". 

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I certainly learned a lot in efficiency, layout, and overall information design. Still, since I'm not a pro, and because I want people to be able to easily modify and riff off of this, I've also included a link to a Google Docs text only version, the tables as Google Sheets, and a zip file of the indesign book along with linked images. For more info, check out the permanent page I've created for Middenheim.

It's designed to be printed out on letter sized paper (sorry European friends, you'll have to scale/edit for A4) with two pages per sheet, and then folded over to create a half-letter sized booklet. For my own personal use I've printed off a cardstock cover and heavy weight interior paper. It made the folding and stabling a little harder, but it looks pretty sharp, and it's nice having a finished product in my hands that I made myself. With regular printer paper, the booklet works out just fine, though you may want to trim to clean up the edge.

As for what's actually there, the content is mostly the same as previous posts, but with the wording cleaned up and often trimmed to fit into the layout constraints. The artwork is almost all Russ Nicholson and almost all from the original book (some is from Marienburg). As mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section, if any of the creators or rights-holders have a problem with the use of their material, I humbly request they let me know and I will immediately take down the file.

Any and all feedback on content, layout, presentation, et cetera is welcome. Most importantly, enjoy!


  1. Hello!
    Whenever I click on the links I get an "access denied" message from Google... Would it be possible please to check the download links?


  2. Thanks very much for the head up. Apparently Google has done a security update since I originally published this that made old links invalid. I think I tried updating them once, but I'll do so again. In the meantime, I've given "Viewer" permission to everyone that's asked for it, but sometimes I'm a bit slow to get back.