Adventuring Companies Working Table of Contents

Following up my general thrust post on the adventuring company setting/game thing I’m working on, here’s the working table of contents for what I’m planning to write, with some initial indication of organization. I have a few questions about this that would be helpful to get answers for:

1. Does this look like something cool? Would anyone besides me get any use out of this?
2. Has too much of this already been done too well to be worth repeating? (If so, what and where can I find it?)
3. What am I missing?

Now, if nobody chimes in on the questions, I’ll just chug along for my own self, but I’d love to hear some outside opinions. The idea is that each of line of the TOC is a relatively discrete chunk that can be used or replaced at will without affecting the other pieces. Anyway, here’s the current table of contents:

Setting Creation
Hex Map Terrain Generation
Creating General Features
Placing Sites of Interest
Creating Sites of Interest
Creating Villages/Settlements
Placing Villages/Settlements
Determining Amount of Treasure
Placing Treasure
Creating Rumors
Creating Weather
Creating Disease
Creating Random Encounters by terrain
Creating Creatures/Monsters

Faction Characteristics
Creating factions
Populating map with factions
Off-screen faction interaction

Company Creation
Company characteristics
Creation of Companies
Types of Characters (Officers, henchmen, etc)
Equipment for Companies
Companies run by 1 player
Companies run by multiple players

Colonies/Base Camps
Creation of Base Camp/Colony
Types of Resources
Conversion of resources to treasure/money
Colony Features/Assets - including defenses
Buying/Building Assets
Expanding/Improving Colony
Colony Inhabitants and growth
Starvation and Deprivation

Supplies, Encumbrance, Speed
Travel Rolls
Encounter Rolls
Mass Combat
Significant Location Mission Rolls
Recovering Treasure

Managing a Company
Payment & Upkeep
Recruiting new members
Experience for henchmen
New skills/abilities for henchmen
Experience and new skills/abilities for officers
Converting Treasure to Gold/Assets/Other stuff
Sending treasure home/taxes

Variations and Example Combinations
Minimum abstraction for traditional D&D campaign
Medium Abstraction for Company Play D&D campaign
Maximum Abstraction Competitive/Solitaire Game
Turns & Turn Structure
Win Conditions

How to convert between D&D and other games (especially Mordheim)

Example Setting
General Features
Random Encounters by terrain type
Native Village/Settlement tables
Sites of Interest (~10, ½ - 3 pages each)

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