Fellhold Session 10 Recap

Our intrepid adventurers, after having destroyed a wolf pack, venture through a secret door into hewn underground passages. Joined this time by Yllgrad and Earn and their cohorts (though still not by Blum) the strengthened party takes  a few moments to regroup and take advantage of magical healing before venturing into the underground passages. Finding no sign of the goblins they heard exclaim earlier, they push into to the passages and find a room full of rubble with stairs leading steeply downward. Following these stairs, they find themselves in apparently dwarven rooms, including a small chamber and a barracks room. They also find the entrance to an enormously large chamber with decorated columns, but decide that exploration of it can wait and instead go back up the stairs and check out the passageways closer to the surface more closely, worried about Goblins harassing them from the rear. They send a party of 3 hirelings (all hired by Yllgrad) to a passageway to the south, and themselves go north and east. They trigger a few crude, apparently improvised traps, with Yllgrad bearing the brunt of it, before stumbling upon the lair of a hideous Gelatinous Cube!

The group decides to run back to a room full of trash and attempt to satiate the horrendous creature. Unfortunately, despite its apparently pleasure at the garbage flung into its mass, the monster keeps coming for live flesh! After very little time, an effective hit from an arrow fired by one of Earn's men coupled with a devastating axe blow from Yllgrad serve to dissolve the noisome and foul cube.

The adventurers continue to explore and find a room full of apparently waylaid trade goods as well as a cave entrance directly out to the hill side that was initially missed due to the heavy vegetative cover. Knowing a quick way out and having gained no report from Yllgrad's men, they returned to the putative meeting point and found no one waiting for them. Venturing further south, they blundered into the goblins' own great hall, with dozens of combatant goblins present!


After a long fight with many multiple-goblin cleaving blows, and including astounding fortitude and viciousness in the face of mounting casualties by the goblins, our party found themselves victorious, but wondering where the goblin women and children had fled to, and whether that boded further trouble.

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