Fellhold Session 1

So, our brave expedition's first venture up the mountain led to a ruined outpost guarding a gate into the underworld. Blum and Varian were unable to make it on this first expedition, but Yllgrad, Caleb, Bryni, and Earn set their sights on adventure and followed the path out of Silverdelf up the spur of the mountain. While exploring the ruined outpost, Earn and Caleb ventured into a ruined tower and were set upon by a giant spider! This loathsome beast failed to (literally) get the drop on them, and Earn bravely set to it with his morning star, inflicting grievous wounds. Caleb fled in terror at such a horrific challenge to his rationalist view of the world. In a few rounds, the rest of the party showed up, and Yllgrad and Bryni also wore down the beast's defenses. Yllgrad's hireling, Gar, lined up a shot with his crossbow, but in the heat of the moment missed the spider and wounded Bryni instead. After heroically leaping onto the spider's back, Earn was grievously wounded by the spider's stinger, and only survived due to the ministrations of Caleb. Bryni was able to thrust his spear up into the bowels of the spider and to finish it off. After a thorough search of the outpost, the party discovered a small sum of silver and copper coins, a few plain, but serviceable weapons, a potentially valuable Ivory box, and a fine idol of Dwyn, the Oak Mother. They returned to Silverdelf to assess their treasures and to allow Earn and Bryni to recuperate, but they learned the secret of opening the gate into the mountain before departing, and they intend to venture into the underground when their members once again are in fighting shape.

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