Prep is Fun!

So, we had to put off our first game session until next week due to a number of scheduling difficulties, but that's probably good, as I will be far more prepared this way. I'm having a grand old time swiping stuff from modules and supplements new and old, gleefully combing OD&D, S&W, AD&D 1E, LL, and whatever else comes in handy, while checking facts about ecology online. I haven't designed a dungeon in about 15 years, and back then I was completely focused on providing *just* the right challenge that players would have a tough time of it, but would win, and they were all "lair" type dungeons, very much of the "something bad is outside of our village, please go deal with it!' school of thought. This is my first megadungeon, and I'm finding the process of thinking out what the different levels are, and what their relationship to each other is to be fascinating and intoxicating. Let's hope it stays that way.

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