Starter RPG Project

Well, the first project I'm going to share progress on is my attempt to create a roleplaying game custom built to introduce new players, with a strong emphasis on quick character creation, one-off or pick up game playability, and ease of learning the rules.

Here, I'm going to layout some of my general philosophy behind what I'm doing, and in later posts I'll get into more specifics and make references to games that have influenced me.

Part of my reasoning behind a 'starter' focused RPG is pragmatic. I'm at a point in my life where I don't have easy access to my gaming friends, but I still have a strong desire to run and play RPGs. So I want to create a gateway drug to get interested friends hooked on a hobby that has entertained me for over a decade already.

I also am intrigued in the process of refining down to the essentials of an RPG. The quintessence of roleplaying games, if you will. I imagine there's something of a judgement call to be made here, but in reviewing minimalist and alternative roleplaying games, it's become more clear what makes even more traditional games tick.

So, in summary, my goal is to create a game that will be fun, easy to learn and run, and that emphasizes roleplaying and collective storytelling over tactical planning and fighting (not that fights won't be involved, of course, they're just going to be seen more through the lens of why they're dramatic rather than how to most effectively tackle them). I've got lots more on where I'm coming from, with examples, but those deserve more detailed posts.


Hello everyone, this blog is going to be a place for me to keep my thoughts on game design and gaming in general, as well as encourage discussion on said thoughts. So, by all means, once the posts start coming, please dive right in.