Russell House Rules Core

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I decided to put together the core of my personal house rules after years of collecting, tweaking, and trying out various DIY D&D approaches. The notion with these rules was to boil it down to only the things that will be true in just about every campaign I might want to run, rather than trying to capture all of the cool setting-specific rules I might change up. I managed to compress all of that down into six A5 spreads, including character generation, which I'm pretty proud of.

What's not in here? Campaign-specific stuff including equipment lists, monster lists, detailed treasure lists, sanity rules, that kind of thing. I'm planning on all of that being modular as I move forward, which helped drive some of my decision-making in which rules to include.

Which gets to the last point: there is shockingly little that is original here. I've mostly cobbled together the ideas of people cleverer than myself, detailed below.

You can get the pdf of the rules here, or you can read the rules in blog form (no sweet spreads or art deco style, though) below.