New (to me) Blogs

So, Courtney Campbell recently solicited new OSR blogs on Google+, and man oh man did some good stuff come up.  Additionally, some old blogs that had long lain dormant have stirred from their slumber and revealed fabulous treasures.  I've added these to my blog list to the right (as much for my convenience as anything), but here they are:

Dungeon of Signs
Goblin Punch
Last Gasp Grimoire
Rotten Pulp

Every single one of these blogs is chock full of amazing content. To give you a hint, I've read through all of their archives in the last 4 or 5 days (okay, maybe I read through Middenmurk the week before).  I defy you to read though any one of these and not find something useful and/or interesting.

As an aside, I was reviewing my older posts, and I hate my writing with a fierce passion.  I'll work on that.