Militant Random Encounter Pop-o-Matic Chart

So, as inspired by some of the random encounters over at Playing D&D with Pornstars, here is a random encounter generator for patrols from the more militant sort of opponents.  Specifically, in Fellhold, I'm using this for random encounters with hobgoblin and human gang member patrols.  My party still tore through one of these with a well-timed sleep spell and judicious application of axes.  Now they're trying to decide whether to charm or murder the sleeping hobgoblins and where to go from there, so I'd say mission = success.  Best used with a polyhedral Pop-o-Matic.  This skews a little high for encounters for lower level parties, so feel free to adjust as necessary:

1d4: Level of Foot Soldiers
1d6: Level of Leader
1d8: Number of Foot Soldiers
1d10: Replace one Foot Soldier with Magic-User if 9 or 0
1d12: # of Doom points if a magic-user is present
1d20: If 16+, roll a random treasure

Points that need addressing to use in play:

  • What species?
  • What level is the spell caster, and thus how many of what level spells? (If you don't use doom points, try doing 1-4: Level 1, 5-8: Level 2, 9-12: Level 3)
  • What random treasure table to roll on? I recommend either 1 "treasure unit" from Courtney Campbell's treasure supplement or else just decide based on circumstances

(Saturday) Pretty Pretty Picture Post

So, this post is late due to new job orientation stuff, and my crapsack goblin game didn't happen this morning because of people not being able to show up and me recovering from post job-orientation celebrating.  That being said, here are some pretty pictures, with the theme being Fellhold fancy clothes, in the spirit of the fashion rules I posted earlier this week.  As a bit of reflection, the two posts I cranked out with the least forethought (Fashion is Danger and Hireling Orientation) seem to have been the most popular.  Maybe I should do more in that vein.  I still need to finish the Middenheim epilogue, though.