Equipment Tables for Stars Without Number, Dark Heresy, and Warband

One of the things I want to develop for Heresies Without Number is a set of equipment packages by career. So, in other words, if you choose "Arbitrator" for a career, you get a stack of equipment to go with it that makes sense. These will hopefully be coming soon, but as a step in my process of figuring out what gear to include, I realized I wanted to be able to compare and manipulate my source equipment lists - Stars Without Number, Dark Heresy, and Warband!

Having gone through the process of cleaning this text up into a useful table form (all except warband, which copied over as a true table with no work from me, God bless you, Mike Davison) I figured I'd share the fruits of my labor in case anybody wants to use it as inputs to something like Logan's Generator Generator (I may come up with a random equipment table for NPCs later).

So here's the table, go nuts: