Call for Fellhold Artist to Conquer the DIY D&D World

[UPDATE 1/6/21: I no longer support spending money on products that benefit Zak S, or giving him positive attention and connection. The short version is that I find credible claims that he has engaged in unacceptable behavior and not made up for it. For more detail, see here for the core of the accusations. To get Zak's side of things, he maintains this separate blog from his main one to post updates on the legal status of these complaints. 
Please consider these claims and make your own decision on their validity, and the implications thereof, before either supporting or shunning Zak.]

I've never felt an especially strong pull to attend Gen Con - my only gaming conventions are one time at Games Day in Baltimore when I was a young lad, and once at North Texas RPG Con last year. Nothing against gaming conventions, it's just that when I'm divvying up limited time and money between say, a vacation with my wife, friends' weddings, and going to play games with strangers, the cons end up at the bottom of the pile. I can play games with strangers any time online!

That being said, next year, apparently there's going to be one hell of a DIY D&D party. This is something I'm seriously tempted to make plans to attend. And as part of the build up, Zak points out that here in the DIY-o-sphere, we have a tremendous surplus of talent. I can't claim any share of that, but I'm gonna keep putting out the best stuff I can that gets me excited.

But I could use some help. Fellhold needs art. I would do it myself, but I'm probably about 5-10 years of full time practice (minimum) away from making art that comes anywhere near my vision for the material. Are you an artist? Do you know any artists? I want to pay a good rate for quality art, and I'm more than happy to collaborate creatively. Let me know if you or someone you know might be interested in bringing the vision of Fellhold to life.

(check out more of the images I've found inspirational here: )