DIY RPG Orientation

This page is very much under construction! It will continue to grow and change as members of the DIY RPG community contribute material, and it very well may migrate to its own page. For now, contact me (Jeff Russell) with additions, changes, or critiques.


What are DIY RPGs?

DIY stands for "Do It Yourself", and it refers to a frame of mind for playing, running, and writing roleplaying games, adventures, and supplements. The core idea is that you don't need to buy your content, you can and should create your own material, and you will gladly sample, hack, and remix anything you do buy to suit your game and your group. The majority of DIY effort has historically gone into versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its derivatives, but any RPG can be played, run, and otherwise approached in a DIY manner.  

Is it the same thing as the OSR?

The OSR is the "old school renaissance" or "old school revival", and is a loosely defined community of gamers who enjoy older roleplaying games. The 800 lb gorilla in the OSR is D&D, but people have also connected over interest in such games as Traveller, Bunnies & Burrows, and the original World of Darkness games. A lot of people have gotten into a lot of arguments and identity politics over who or what is or is not a part of the OSR. The label "DIY RPGs" is one way to sidestep that kind of drama - if you create your own material, change published material to suit your group's needs, or use your own combinations of existing material, you're "Doing It Yourself", and it doesn't matter what game you're using.

Rules, Materials, and Associated Esoterica

Which books do I need?

What's an 'Edition'?

Do I need miniatures?

Community, Discussion, and News

What's the best place to meet and talk to people who are into DIY RPGs? 

Google Plus is the beating heart of the DIY RPG "scene". It's a great way to find people working on DIY RPGs, the things they make, and to share what you make. Add Jeff Russell to your circles and let him know you're looking for DIY RPG people, and he'll help you get started.

Okay, Google Plus sounds great, how do I get started?

Check out this awesome introductory blog post by Adam Muszckiewicz: Some Advice on Getting Started on G+ for the Gaming Community

What are the different forums, what are they like?

What are conventions like?

What's an Ennie?

Other Online Resources

What are some good blogs to find DIY RPG stuff?

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