Here's a permanent page to link to the Middenheim files.

Middenheim Folder

The .pdf is formatted to be printed as a booklet on American letter size paper. If you need some help with this, search for ".pdf print booklet" or else shoot me an email and I'll walk you through it. It works out fine to print, fold, and stable with regular paper, and can handle a little heavier weight paper and a cardstock cover if you want something fancier.

Middenheim .pdf

If you want to use the text in something else, there's a link to a Google Doc file of the text and tables for easy modification.

Middenheim Text

For access to just the tables in a convenient spreadsheet format, here's the tables in Google Sheets.

Middenheim Tables

Finally, if you want to make your own "fancy" version from a professional printer, or re-format to fit a different size of paper, here's a .zip file of the InDesign file plus the vector images it links to.

Middenheim InDesign .zip

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