It's done! I wrote a quick little hack for "Agon" to play in a Norse flavor called "Ragonarok" (see what I did there?). The rules changes are available as text here on the blog or as part of a PDF that includes custom character and reference sheets, and a pretty neat little picture of Odin I whipped up. Let me know what you think! Even if you haven't played Agon, I'd love to hear what you think of the layout.

Ragonarok Page with PDF


  1. Haha! It's a small world. How funny that you should be the one to have made the Norse hack for Agon that my group has been playing on and off for the past few weeks.

    You did a great job; it's a lot of fun. Thanks!

    -framweard (from Story Games)

  2. That's awesome! How's it working out in play?