WTF is that Goblin Wearing?

Okay, so in my game of Crapsack Goblins where most of the players are still running around in loin cloths, I realized it would be helpful to have some help in thinking up weird and hilarious clothing options for the goblins they encounter. Thus, the following table was born. It is intended so that you can either roll 1d20 and get a reasonably coherent (for a goblin) outfit, or you can roll for as many of the columns as you like. The "condition" can either be applied to the whole outfit or to each individual piece, depending on how detailed you want to get. Let me know what you think!

Automatic 1 Roll Results
Automatic Each Column with Condition

WTF is this Goblin Wearing?
1Raggedy AssNo shoesNo PantsNo shirtNo hat
2FilthyCloth SandalsLoin clothFleasMatted dreadlocks
3Full of holesHuman bootsBright colored striped pantsOversize tunicJaunty floppy hat with feather
4LousyRats for shoesFur pantsFur VestDavy Crockett Hat
5StainedGoblin-leather moccasinsLeather pantsSweet Long JacketPirate Hat
6Shit-coveredMetal-toe bootsTough canvas pantsCut-off sleeve tunicHelmet
7Strangely ImmaculateBurlap sacksBurlap pantsBurlap SackBurlap Sack Mask
8Faded blood stainsLeather SandalsOverallsBright colored striped shirtRobin Hood Hat
9StickyLong, pointy toesPoofy PantaloonsPoofy sleeve shirtSkullcap
10Falling ApartBandanas wrapped around feetSkirtMilitary DoubletBandana on head
11SturdyHuman SocksLiederhosenKnight's TabbardEyepatch
12Moth-eatenMud on feetCloth DiaperLong RobesPointy hat
13Flea-riddenNo shoesKiltLoose Cotton ShirtLong Flowing Hair
14GreasyHigh heels with bucklesHoseDressCurly Hair Wig
15FadedWooden SandalsSilk PantsKimonoTop Knot
16Worn-OutSandals with SocksTweed trousersHeavy Wool TunicBonnet
17Mostly CleanLeather ShoesCloth TrousersCollared, button down shirtTop Hat
18Heavily RepairedCloth SandalsBrightly Sequined PantsDishdashaAgal
19Fresh Blood StainsCowboy BootsMariachi PantsHeavily Embroidered Cloth ShirtSombrero
20Gently UsedSlippersNo PantsReligious RobesBishop Hat

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