Vornheiming Middenheim Part V: The Powers that Be

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So, it ended up taking me a little longer than I expected to get the "Powers that Be" table set up.  Turns out that it's pretty tough to satisfyingly emulate the innovation to have each entry show a relationship with the next entry from  Zak S.'s Vornheim Aristocrats table.  As it is, I ended up with only 25 entries.  This should probably be chopped down to 20 or increased to 30, so that it corresponds to an actual die.

For those unfamiliar with Zak's table, the idea is that you can randomly pick an aristocrat/powerful person by rolling once, and he or she will have all of the traits from left to right, with the relationship indicated by the last entry with the next person on the table.  I've built this so that it can act as a quick reference or relationship map if you want to play Middenheim "by the book", or you can randomize new aristocrats by rolling once for each column and getting totally new NPCs.

So, for example, say you roll a 15 and you're doing it the simple way.  You get Janna Eberhauer, Deputy High Wizard, an intelligent and friendly wizard with freckles.  She terrifies Josef Sparsam the Chancellor.  Or, if you want to go the complicated route, you could roll a 6, 10, 11, 15, 16, 7, 25, which gives you the following: Petra (no last name), the Midden Marshal, who has freckles and is an enthusiastic collector of antique art.  She is a lover of Baron Stefan Todbringer.

If you want to get really complex, repeat a few times rather than having the "relationship to" column point to a fully developed "book" NPC.

I'd say that if I were writing an adventure, rather than creating a toolkit, I'd take about this level of information and put it into a visual relationship map, and I'd add in a few more of the plots given in Warhammer City and in "Power Behind the Throne" to suggest ways for PCs to get involved.  As it is, I'm hoping that the intrigue generator will do most of the heavy lifting, and I'm going to parse the stuff in the supplement and adventure for material to put in that.

Powers that Be

RollLast NameFirst NamePositionPhysical FeatureCharacter TraitRelationship to
1HelseherAlbrechtHigh WizardGaunt and asceticMore concerned with abstractions than real lifeSuspects the worst of
2HoflichJoachimLaw LordQuiet and DignifiedWry sense of humorHolding ransom a relative of
3EhrlichReinerLaw LordQuiet and UnassumingMelancholicDesperately trying to secretly communicate with
4SchutzmanUlrichCommander of the WatchTall and imposingHarsh and UnbendingSeeks guidance from
5StolzWernerChief Priest of SigmarCautiously ambitiousWants to humiliate
6Ar-UlricHigh Priest of UlrichTall and RangyKindly but AmbitiousHaving an affair with
7SchlagenEmmanuelleLady at CourtTall and willowyCrafty and ManipulativeLover of
8TodbringerBorisGrafPowerful build going to seedCrippled by griefCan't stand the sight of
9PrunkvollSiegfriedKnight EternalWears armor on all public occasionsPompous, apalling boreTurned down a proposition from
10LiebkosenPetraLady at CourtDark, curly hairGold diggerHaving a fling with the son of
11Von GenscherMaximillianMidden MarshallFacial ScarCourageous and magnanimousSuspicious of the rise to power of
12GoebbelsGotthardKomission Convenor and Chairman of the Merchants' GuildPremature grey hairVain and graspingSecretly working for
13WasmeierKarl-HeinzLaw LordUnremarkableCruel and avariciousDangerously underestimates
14SchwermuttJohannGarrison CommanderLight buildHuman and approachableSmitten by
15EberhauerJannaDeputy High WizardFrecklesIntelligent and FriendlyTerrifies
16SparsamJosefChancellorWalks with a limpEnthusiastic collector of antique artIrrationally despises
17ZimberlichHildegardeChaperone to the Graf's DaughterFrail but SprightlyGood character, not easily fooledFiercely devoted to
18TodbringerKatarina"Princess"BeautifulDelicate and refinedInfatuated with
19LafarelRallaneCourt MinstrelSilvery blonde hairHopeless romanticBest friend of
20FanmarisAllavandrelMaster of the HuntStartling Green EyesEnjoys the good things in lifeDrinking buddies with
21SchmiedehammerDieterGraf's ChampionBroken noseBright, friendly, and helpfulEngaged to
22JungKirstenLady at CourtSimple, classically stylishKeen IntuitionStrongly dislikes
23SinnlichNatashaLady at CourtIce blue eyesWorships powerRegrets a fling with
24PavarottiLuigiBaronial PhysicianFat and flamboyantGood hearted with a lust for lifeProvides care for
25TodbringerStefanBaronSickly and droolingFeeble minded, idioticCan only get help from

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