Vornheiming Middenheim Part VIII: The Great Park

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Another quick post worked in between getting ready for a New Years Eve party at the new house.  Here's a write up on the Great Park district.  The locations are a little more filled out here, and I had to come up with a little more on the rumors than what was in the book.  The write up's after the break, and I hope everyone has or had a fun and safe New Years Eve.

3. The Great Park
  • People from all walks of life stroll along gravel walk ways between exotic hot-house gardens and flowering trees
  • Beggars, hawkers, and pickpockets ply their trade among the crowds
  • Small stalls sell food and knick-nacks and people enjoy them on small benches next to tinkling fountains
  • Patrons of the Showboat stroll up in groups or stumble out in disheveled groups
  • Couples meet for nighttime trysts behind the bushes
  • Bernabau Stadium
    • A huge stone amphitheater that holds thousands on wooden benches and in standing-room only sections
    • Stages athletic competitions of all variety
    • The main attraction is pit fighting against captured mutants and beastmen, with an annual Minotaur fight during the Carnival
    • The Pit Fighter’s Head is an exclusive member’s only club located under the main stands of the stadium
    • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Yarblinsky is the Kislevite Master of Games, a grizzled former hunter responsible for providing the beasts for the pit fights
  • The Showboat
    • A restaurant and cabaret that rests on the edge of the “Black Pool” - a large pond in the park that shows the dark rock of its basin rather than the reflection of the sky
    • Frequented by the upper classes and scholars, it is almost impossible to find a table without tipping the doorman, Otto
    • Run by Rolf and Elise Rosencrantz, a sentimental old fool and his shrewd wife
    • Owned by Gunnar Guildenstern, owner of Castle Rock Coaches
  • The player characters disturb a couple in a romantic moment - a couple that doesn’t want their relationship known
  • People scream and run after a beastman breaks out of his pen and starts wreaking havoc in the crowd
  • A shady looking scalper has rare tickets to an exotic event at the stadium.  Is the price too good to be true?
  • A pickpocket being chased by the watch throws a stolen purse to one of the player characters and tears off around a corner
  • A drunken elf takes a liking to one of the characters and begins to poorly serenade him or her
  • A young man rejected from pit fighter try-outs is looking to prove how tough he really is

Certain members of the court, like the minstrel and some of the ladies-at-court, frequent the Showboat
Well-paying customers at the Showboat can get exclusive wines that have been smuggled in from the Reikland
One of the vagrants in the park is actually a wealthy nobleman who has gone mad
The illuminations over the Black Pool at the annual carnival will be less impressive this year because the wizards are unhappy about recent taxes
In the past, Bernabau Stadium housed a sport that involved kicking around a snotling into goals at either end of the stadium
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Yarblinsky earned his position by repeatedly defeating beastmen with his bare hands
There is a honeycomb of chambers under the stadium housing pit fighters, hamstrung beastmen, and worse
Unsavory elements use the free intermixing of the social classes in the park as cover for nefarious transactions
The halfling chef at the Showboat has settled down to a quiet retirement after a life of adventuring
The pickpockets in the park have been targeting wizards, clerics, and dwarves preferentially because a mysterious fence is paying extra
The bookies at the stadium have been fixing fights, even those to the death
Some of the plants in the park are causing a mysterious new disease

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