Fellhold Session 5 Recap

Last night proved to be one of the most successful outings of our brave adventurers yet. Once again venturing under the mountain and into Fellhold, the judicious question of "just how many people *does* the spell Sleep affect?" proved to be the defining moment of the session. Finding the remaining bandits at their midday meal, the magic user Blum cast Sleep on the unsuspecting bandits, and immediately placed all but their leader into a magical slumber. Moving quickly, the rest of the party and their men at arms put this fellow (outfitted in plate and well armed) at sword point and managed to tie him and his followers up. Upon questioning, it was learned that he was merely the bandit chief's right hand man, and not the chief himself. The chief, a man by the name of Earn, had left for Mickleheim to recruit new followers after the many casualties inflicted by the party.

After some debate over different strategies including slitting the lieutenant's throat and giving the bandits the choice of joining them or a similar death, leaving them tied up in the dungeon, or using them as trap detectors/monster bait, the expedition decided on the more humane choice of bringing them to the sheriff of Silverdelf to be dealt with by whatever authorities there may be. Though there proved to be no bounty on these men, the party was allowed to keep their arms and armor and anything else they found of theirs, and this proved to be a serious haul. Serious enough that they once again borrowed the cart of the Silverdelf distillery to return not only the 18 casks of stolen whiskey, but also the rich furnishings of Earn the bandit chief's room. Not trusting either Silverdelf's assayer's estimate on price, nor the local market for luxury tableware and tapestries, the party pooled their more liquid treasure and purchased a wagon and draft horse and set out for Mickleheim the very next day. Will the road be filled with dangers? Will Varian pay off the outrageously high interest on his debt? What else will our brave adventurers find in the twisting streets of Mickleheim? We'll find out next time.

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