Fellhold Session 8 Recap

After last week's harrowing encounter with arm-hungry statues and pit traps, our daring band of adventurers decided it was time to attend to some matters outside of Fellhold's dark halls. Acca, the hireling who lost his arm, survived his grievous injury, and his family was so grateful for the pension his employer offered him that his son Weorc took service in his place. The party set out on a quiet trip to Mickleheim where they once again strengthened their ties to Clan Dagaeca through the steward Cnud, selling them the splendid necklace of fire opals lifted from Earn the bandit chief and discovering that an exotic beast brought in alive for the midwinter festival would  make a fine offering to Hrokr, fine enough that a bounty might be offered.  Bryni also once again besought Mihtig the Mighty, strong man extraorinaire, and found his fee more reasonable after the encounter with the portcullis. Having secured such specialist service and finding themselves flush with more money than they knew what to do with, the group decided it would be best to invest in a permanent base in Silverdelf, and so headed back.

On the return journey, they were ambushed by a group of small trollkin, out in the daytime oddly enough. In their first onslaught they managed to kill the hireling Gytha, leaving her sister Erna distraught  The rest of their attacks were largely ineffective, except for a glancing wound to Yllgrad. When the adventurers responded, Blum once again unleashed his devastating sleep spell, putting half of the attacking humanoids out of commission. The remaining half were dealt with fairly easily by the largely mounted party and their hirelings. They also had fewer qualms with slitting goblin throats than men's, and so dispatched the sleeping trollkin.

Upon return to Silverdelf, they employed the engineer hired to travel back with them from Mickleheim to seek out and survey an adequate spot for a great hall. Finding a suitable spot along the Silverrun river, they employed him to begin construction of a great hall with rooms enough for the party and their favored henchmen and a good stout cellar for the storage of treasure, a stables, a smithy suitable to function as an armory, and a surrounding palisade wall. This project will take quite some time to complete, but should give our heroes a welcome safe haven in which to celebrate and lick their wounds.

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