Fellhold Session 6 Recap

Last night, our intrepid band set out on the road to Mickleheim. The first two days of the three day journey passed quietly, but on the third day just after sun up they were set upon by a pack of vicious wolves! Though the only serious injury was to one of Earn's retainers, who was viciously mauled, Earn leapt to his aid and stemmed the bleeding. After the players dispatched one of the wolves, the rest turned tail and ran, losing three more to parting blows and crossbow quarrels. The party made efficient but grisly use of the bodies, skinning them to sell the pelts, and making a meal of the meat to take their strength and save precious trail rations.

They pressed on and reached Mickleheim by nightfall, finding lodging in the Drunken Giant Inn. The next day they checked the Craftsman's Bazaar to see what they could get for their plunder, and were unsatisfied with the prices offered, and spent good coin drinking and spreading the word and gathering information. After three days of greasing the wheels, they discovered the Steward of the House of Daglaeca, a family of some esteem fallen on hard times. They managed to strike a deal satisfactory to both sides, and our adventurers found themselves flush with cash in a way none of them was familiar with.

Varian immediately discharged his ruinous debt, Ulf the lender being somewhat disappointed to see such a potential huge cash flow cut off early. The party jointly secured a larger wagon and draft animals, and several sought the services of more men at arms and other hirelings. The party has concluded most of its business in Mickleheim and will probably return to Silverdelf and Fellhold in our next installment, but their options are open.

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