Dungeon Dozen Fan Index Finished

This is exactly what it was like

. . . for now.  I have completed getting the fan index up to date and categorized as far as I am capable of right now.  In case you aren't happy with how I've gone about it, I've alphabetized all of the links here, but otherwise left them unformatted. I can't guarantee that I'll update that non-organized list as often as I update the index here on the blog, but it should be one hell of a head start for anyone who wants to go about putting the links together differently.  I am, of course, still happy to hear any feedback on tweaks, changes, or adjustments to the index here, it may just be awhile before I do more than add new entries to it.  I think I would rather throw up than alphabetize something right now.

I was hoping to get a Middenheim post in today, but my estimates of how long it would take me to wrap up the Dungeon Dozen were wildly optimistic, plus I got a set of mini-dice in the mail and couldn't wait to make me a sweet pop-o-matic device following Zak's instructions.  I've got all sorts of "roll 1 of each die type" generator ideas now. Popping it fills me with glee.

Tomorrow I'm planning on announcing something fun to do with the Dungeon Dozen links, now that they're all shiny and organized, and I'm hoping to get a Middenheim district or two knocked out while I'm waiting for a service guy all afternoon.

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