Hireling Orientation

So, I've just started a new job, and I just saw someone else on Google+ talking about a new job, and the characters in Fellhold just replaced all of the hirelings who were killed in a horrific exploding wizard accident.  All of this has left me wanting to do something quick about hirelings adjusting to the adventuring lifestyle: in other words, "onboarding" new hirelings.  And so I present "The First Time a Hireling is Asked to Confront the Unknown, Bizarre, or Completely Screwed Up":

(roll 1d12, add the employer's Charisma modifier and the hireling/henchman's level, if applicable)

  1. Runs off gibbering like a madman and takes all of the equipment he or she is wearing or carrying, never to be seen again
  2. Collapses into a heap weeping, utterly useless for 1d6 exploration turns, will refuse to do anything but leave immediate danger afterwards
  3. Cowers and screams, but will recover after 1d4 rounds of consoling and encouragement, roll again at the next especially terrifying encounter
  4. Quietly and stoically recognizes the depth of his or her mistake, will finish the current mission/delve/expedition, but will refuse any further service
  5. Refuses current assignment, and roll a morale check.  Failing indicates that this refusal is permanent, passing indicates that the hireling will stay on but continues to refuse this particular action
  6. Roll an immediate morale check.  Interpret normally and roll on this table again the next time it is relevant
  7. Roll again on this table with a +3
  8. Hireling is shaky but determined, carries out ordered action but takes -1 to all relevant rolls until completed
  9. Hireling will perform action normally if anyone else is supporting him or her, otherwise, take -1 to all relevant rolls
  10. Steady and dependable as rock, this hireling knew the score and was actually adequately prepared to face whatever was entailed in the job
  11. Laughs in the face of danger and pursues the assigned task with notable zeal. +1 to all relevant rolls.
  12. Discovers unknown depths of resolve and sense of purpose. Add +1 to a random attribute, loyalty, and hit points

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