Pretty Pretty Picture Friday

As has become something of a tradition, I am posting a bunch of pictures on Friday in a mad dash to keep up with my weekdaily posting.  The second part of the Vornheiming Middenheim epilogue is under construction, I'll probably get a lot done on that on an airplane ride Sunday evening, so I hope to have it to post on Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime, here are some cool pictures I found for my Fellhold campaign from cghub.  CGHub has a certain aesthetic to it that makes everything have a somewhat samey feel, but it's at least high quality.  Deviant Art has a wider variety of styles, but it also has a wider variety of quality.  At either site, here's a good way to find some cool art:

  1. Find an artist you like using one of the following methods:
    1. Pick an artist you already know you like
    2. Look at the "popular now" pictures and find one that catches your fancy
    3. Do a fairly broad search, like for "fantasy traditional 2d"
  2. Once you get a good artist, browse their gallery for good stuff
  3. After you get through their gallery, look at their favorites
  4. Repeat this process until you can force yourself to stop
Once you find some good art, Pinterest is actually pretty cool for organizing inspirational photos. I've got one for Fellhold here.  If you're harder core, you can go for a Tumblr like Thomas Fitzgerald's sweet, twisted Middenmurk one.  At any rate, on with some cool pictures:

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