Dungeon Dozen Mix-Tape Contest

Now that I've caught up to the present day on the Dungeon Dozen Fan Index, I'm all fired up about how awesome all of these d12 tables are. Each one was my new favorite as I read it.  I got to thinking about how there's practically a whole game there (aided and abetted in this notion by Patrick Stuart, who really concretized that idea).  Certainly I think there's a lot there in very small packages.  Now, trying to run an entire campaign with only these tables as your referee rules is a challenge I'd love to hear about, but for now I've got something smaller that anyone can do.  Plus it'll be a nice warm up for the One Page Dungeon Contest.

Here's the idea: you get up to 100 words and up to 10 Dungeon Dozen Tables.  Maps and other pictures entirely optional.  Make an adventure.  Don't roll on the tables and include the results, and don't reproduce the tables, just present the title of the table and some guidance on when and under what circumstances to roll on it.  The idea is that the referee running your adventure has the fun of getting to roll on the tables and make the results mesh, and that people check out the original site and have the chance to find even more great stuff.  Post either as a comment here or a link to where it can be found by, I don't know, Friday, January 24th.  Winners will be decided by the arbitrary whim and tastes of yours truly, but with the following guidelines adapted from "Chopped": playability/interest, creativity, and presentation.

As for prizes, I'll paypal ten whole American Dollars ($10.00) to the winner and ($5.00) to the runner-up.  If anyone wants to jump in and donate additional prize consideration, feel free.  Additionally, I will post all entries with the winners specified with a link to the website of your choice (such publicity! such exposure!).  If there's interest, I'll compile all of the entries into a .pdf. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what people come up with!

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