Vornheiming Middenheim X: Ulricsmund

Super brief post tonight due both to the fact that I had a lot of stuff to do around the house today as well as the fact that I want to try an even leaner format for the district write ups.  I've just given the names of the chief locations in Ulricsmund and put anything interesting in the rumors.  I've been reading a lot of The Dungeon Dozen (as yesterday's post and the new fan index might indicate), and even though I was already using the D12 because I like it and I think it's a good size for rumors per district, I am now even more convinced of the amount of good stuff you can put just into a D12 table with a good theme.  I also got some feedback that the encounters were the sort of thing easily enough made up on the fly given the general description of the district and the rumors.  So, consider this entry an experiment in cutting away the fat.  Ulricsmund district write up after the break:

5. Ulricsmund
  • The high, vaulted roof of the Temple of Ulric towers over people of all walks of life going about their business, with the occasional beggar or busker
  • During festivals, the priests or templars will lead processions of great pomp through the streets
  • Mostly people passing through the area on the way to nighttime business, but with the occasional footpad or pickpocket
  • The Black Plague Memorial
  • The Temple of Ulric
  • Temple of Verena
  • The Guild of Physicians
  • Offices of the Komission for Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling Interests
  • The Begierbaden

The Black Plague was only kept out of Middenheim by some dark deal struck by the Graf at the time and still honored to this day
The high priest of Ulric wants to lift the celibacy requirement for his priesthood and start a dynasty of his own
The high priest of Ulric has been carrying on a relationship with the Graf’s paramour, and someone is holding this information over him
Tensions have risen between the Graf and the high priest of Sigmar
The Templars of the White Wolf believe that Sigmar was not a god, and that his worshippers are little better than demonologists
The city’s rich and powerful women gather in the baths of the Begierbaden, for in addition to their normal medicinal properties, they are especially effective at preventing mutation in unborn children
The physicians guild is purchasing fresh corpses for good money and who knows what purpose
Radical racial separatists have been quietly rising in the ranks of the Komission for Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling Interests
The Elven representative at the Komission for Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling Interests is actually a princess of Laurelorn, kidnapped by bandits as a child
Templars of the White Wolf have recently been including outlying villages of Sigmarites in their regular anti-mutant pogroms
The Physicians’ Guild will only hear complaints from patients themselves, and takes the fact that he can still complain proof of the doctor’s effectiveness
The Sacred Flame of Ulric won’t burn a true believer and will empower weapons against servants of Chaos

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